with hopper and CO2 cannister; blue
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GAME-FACE VEXOR PAINTBALL GUN --- with hopper and CO2 cannister; blue

The lightweight Game Face Vexor is a semi-automatic pneumatic marker with a customer game face milling, custom foregrip, deluxe volumizer and velocity adjuster pin. It comes with a ported 9.5" barrel and runs on CO2 or CA.

Users agree that the Game Face Vexor is a sturdy, dependable gun that can take use and abuse, and is best for beginners or as a backup gun for intermediate players. An experience paintballer might find that it lacks power, and a happy trigger finger would jam the gun. It's also very inexpensive which is why it's a perfect marker for newbies. The stock barrel is already pretty accurate but you might want to get a 14" if you really want to upgrade. It very rarely chops. This is also a mechanical marker, so you have to consider if you're okay with that or if you have your heart set on having an electronic one. Another draw back is that you can't easily get accessories for it. Upgrading can be touch and go, which brings us back to the concept that experienced paintballers might find this marker frustrating. But for a beginner’s first marker, this is just about right.

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